December 12, 2005


I forgot to tell you about November 29. It was definitely a fun night for my friend Yam and I. We went to watch the concert launch of the tribute album to the Eraserheads. Got nervous for a while a day before when Yam text messaged me that Jams announced that the concert tickets are sold out already. Called the station right away and thankfully enough, there were still a few tickets to spare. Felt really excited on the night of the concert. While I had doubts over the selection of some artists in the tribute album, I just didn’t freaking’ care. The fact was, the Eheads magic would be relived and for a longtime Eheads fan like me, that was something to look forward to. :)

If you want to see my "la lang” review of the album and concert, click HERE. (I also posted the same review in Peyups.) A bit of warning, I wrote it while still on high after the concert so I’m not sure if you’ll get what I wrote. There are more sensible reviews after or before my post though, so you can still check it if you’re interested to know what the others have to say about Ultraelectromagneticjam.

The epitome of jologs - Yam and I posing at the concert venue's lobby. Notice how we were oh so proud to have the tickets! And notice how empty the lobby was! YES, WE WERE THAT EARLY! Haha!

Siyempre, hindi mawawala ang picture taking sa harap ng concert venue mismo! Haha!

Me and a very sugar high Ebe!

I love his pic with Yam more, though.

Does the moonlight shine on Paris! Yebah, Paolo!

Yes, I still am not a fan of 6cyclemind but it doesn't mean I'm no longer a camera whore when it comes to posing for pictures with celebrities. Haha!

Check out the new blog background song! It’s Imago’s cover of Eraserheads’ Spoliarium, my favorite Sticker Happy song and my favorite song from the tribute album. :)


Anonymous said...

sana phinotoshop mo rin yung pics natin dito. mas bagay ang "album-cover" look kasi music-related ang event. hehe ~ yam

beatlebum said...

um, hindi photoshopped yung nasa baba. they were taken from a solarized camera. ;)