December 16, 2005

Videoke Queen

Wanna see what happens when my friends and I go for a videoke night-out?!? Here's a vid of my friend Yam channeling Alanis. Haha! Watch out for the blink and you'll miss participation of Monjam and never mind the chuwariwap guy! (Video is courtesy of Rose.)

I will post my own performance video when I get the guts. LOL! :)


cf said...

Oh my! I had fun watching this video! hehe! Galing ni Yam, ha! (handsdown ako)

Oh, and by the way... the chuwariwap guy was also entertaining! ;-)

beatlebum said...

hahahaha! you're really a friend :) btw, me news ako. di na kasali sina jilwyn sa i love you lucky. sad. :(

cf said...

Haha! Totoong entertaining naman eh! :D

About your news -- that's too bad. Hopefully they don't change their minds about JaRla!

beatlebum said...

as far as i know, change of roles lang sina jarla. parang jilwyn's roles are now jarla's. i think jarla shot some scenes na last thursday if i'm not mistaken. :)

Anonymous said...

omigawd, parang sex video ang texture. hehe. post your solo performances! yung mga times na napapayakap ka sa pader! panalo yun! ~ saffron blue