November 26, 2005

Nth Random Updates

1. Again, reminding everyone to support alternative cinema. Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, an official entry to next year's Sundance Film Festival (yep!) and winner of countless local and international awards, will already have its theater run starting NOVEMBER 30. That's this coming Wednesday na po. It is written lang naman by my housemate (siyempre, proud housemate ako! :D) Michiko Yamamoto. You know you're already big time when you're the answer of a Game Ka Na Ba question right? Well last Friday sealed the deal for Michiko. She was the answer of a Game Ka Na Ba question. Unfortunately, no contestant answered the question right but still, SHE'S THE FREAKIN' ANSWER OF A GAME KA NA BA QUESTION!!! WOW! Again, watch Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros this Wednesday, November 30.

2. On the other side of cinema, (read: mainstream, baby!) Michiko's other housemates Waterfowl and I just finished writing I Love You Lucky (tentative title) for Star Cinema. Ito po yung pinagkaabalahan ko after Qpids, the teenybopper I was talking about. Hehe. I didn't want to blog about it first because you know how tentative everything is in maintream TV or cinema but since they're having their first shooting day today, siguro naman tuluy-tuloy na. Well sana, keeping my fingers crossed. Hehe. This comic lovestory will be directed by Wenn Deramas with Sandara Park and Joseph Bitangcol as leads. Providing supports are Pokwang, Eugene Domingo, Ang Pagdadalaga's JR Valentin and Qpids loveteams JILWYN and JARLA (Yey, CF! :D) Watch out for it next year!

3. We're hosting another house party tonight - our good friend Emman's birthday party, yihee! Kaso iniwan ako ng mga housemates ko. Hahahaha. Umuwi si Mich ng Bulacan at nawawala sa Rose. Good luck sa akin! Hehehehe :) Pero excited na ako sa party. Antagal ko nang di nakakita ng tao. Hahahaha! Sana, enjoy! :)

4. Watched Sugarfree's gig last night sa Klownz. STEG! :) Will definitely fight for the tickets of the ULTRAELECTROMAGNETICJAM concert this Tuesday sa UP. Imagine, Eheads music, Sponge Cola, Sugarfree, MYMP, Kitchie Nadal, Orange and Lemons and Barbie in one concert?!? That's ecstasy for me. Hahahaha. Panira lang yung Cueshe and 6cyclemind. (Sorry di ako big fan ng bands na yun!) Sana nga makakuha ako ng tickets para AYUZ! :)


CF said...

Yey is right!! hahaha! Let's do the dance of joy!!

Monj City said...

cino si ba si cf?

beatlebum said...

CF is a friend of Yam and I. :)