December 19, 2005

Videoke King?

Will be leaving for my hometown in a few hours. Annual holiday vacation. I will miss you guys. Might not be able to surf or blog as often. But just so you won't miss me, I'm taking Saffron Blue's offer. I'm posting my laughable videoke performances. LOL! :) Believe it or not, these are my subdued videoke moments...

VIDEO 1: This is me murdering Sugarfree's Sinta. Watch out for the flying sharps and flats. Yes, I don't sing. I scream! :)

VIDEO 2: This is me screaming Eraserheads' Pare Ko. (How predictable, I know! :D). "O jusku...", bisaya gyud ko! Hahaha! Watch out for Rose's "Ashlee Simpson" performance (read: lip synch). :)

Merry Christmas guys, and rock 2006! :)

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