June 24, 2004


Tension in the air. Our soap’s going to be delayed one week, yet again. Week One script is more or less approved but production couldn’t catch up with the airing date. Add the fact that it’s still a mystery how the other network got hold of our early draft script. If the tabloid article was right, the other channel is going to reformat their youth show and give it the same title as ours. I don’t know if this is a laughing matter but it certainly is laughable! :) Does that make sense?


Sent an email again to Ms. M reiterating my desire to resign after Mr. Head Writer comes back from his US vacation. They’re going to meet later to discuss creative team matters (Ms. M, Mr. Head Writer, Mr. Creative Manager, and some big bosses maybe) so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my exit will be smooth. Argh! :)


I’m having a hard time at school. I only have 1 subject but it’s so demanding. And Dr. Joel David is such a genius I find it intimidating to give silly answers during class recitation. And my classmates are sooooo serious. And I haven’t read a single paragraph in the 5 chapters of readings assigned so far. I enjoy the regular film showings though. :) This makes me realize again that I may really just love the movies, pop culture and what have you, but I may need NOT necessarily work for the industry. Somebody help me find out my true calling please!


Why do I get this feeling that Mr. Head Writer calls us for meetings not to discuss the script or story, but to make us his support system whenever he feels angsty about “the system”? I should begin asking for a shrink fee.

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