June 03, 2004

Behind Camera

Michiko texted me earlier asking my opinion if it’s okay that the picture she’ll give to Urian is her Friendster profile picture. (She’s nominated again for Magnifico.) I said yes, of course. I’m proud of that pic! I took that pic! :) In fact, I just realized that some of my friends use the pics I took of them (care of my old reliable Kodak DX digicam) for Friendster. I don’t have any formal lessons in photography (just some harsh tips from Yam and Emman) but the fact that the pics came out good for them to place them on Friendster makes me happy.

The pic’s not that clear anymore but this was taken in Kitchen, Greenbelt. The resto lighting was very In The Mood for Love, Emman couldn't fight the urge to have this pic taken.

I already posted this pic here before but I’m just so proud of this I have to post it again. This was taken in the fountain area in Greenbelt, would you believe our guts? Properly documented here.

Longing for someone effect. Starbucks, Rockwell. :)

This was taken in the office. People were just feeling picture-happy then.

Same day in the office. Pang-Friendster pic.:)

In that seafood resto in Roxas when the soap team had a reunion dinner of sorts. Place had good lighting also.

Set break during the infamous April Boy Regino shoot.

This one’s not yet on Friendster but I also like this one. Lonely in the city effect. :) Rockwell, Holy Week.

All pics are taken without camera flash, by the way. And I hope my friends are not going to kill me for this. :)

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