June 06, 2004


Like you, I'm also tired of my "laughing at My First Romance to avoid people thinking that I'm too serious with my screenplay but in truth I'm really proud of that screenplay" act but this just got in. I got a text from Tim, our DOP in All My Life. He's making the primer for this year's annual Film Academy of the Philippines Awards and he told me that our screenplay for My First Romance is included in the shortlist of 10 screenplays up for nominations. They will narrow down the field next week and of course (this is honest speak), I'm not expecting that it will be included in the final 5. BUT still, to be part of the "for your consideration" scripts (considering Tessa and I are not even members of the Writers Guild that's why I doubted Tim's text at first), while funny, is something to be proud of. I guess. :)


Miaka said...

Cool! Not only do you have those credits sa movies. Just imagine baka next time you'll be referred to as Academy award winner. Kahit Academy award nominee pwede na rin. :)

Dawnie said...

Wooooooooooow. ;)