June 19, 2004

Utmost Priorities

Finally, I told Ms. M (one of the big bosses) that I'm not going to stay long with the show, er, soap. I just hope she'll do something about it, like finding a replacement writer ASAP, and not force me to stay. Of course, I won't be able to resign right away while there's no new writer yet or even if there's already one, I still have to wait for her/him to adjust to the soap's tone and feel in writing, but at least, Ms. M already knows. That's a good step, enough.

Believe me, I do enjoy writing (if I love the material) and I love the material of this new show. Kaya naman kung kaya eh! It's just that I cannot commit one year of my life writing for a daily soap. I did that in Pangako Sa 'Yo and I didn't like it a bit. Yes, the company was good and I established strong bonds with the writers and directors but see, I'm in a stage right now where I don't want to limit my world. I'm young and as the cliché goes, I wanna experience life and seize the day. I don't want one year of my life to pass by with me solely working and sleeping (no stir, coz this was my daily routine back in Pangako Sa ‘Yo days). This maybe has something to do with the fact that I was a geek (in its true sense) since I was born (okay, or since I entered school) and now that there's no pressure for me to finish a degree, I believe it's but right to have a good time for a change. Of course, if the soap was still a weekly youth show, I would have stayed (I was hoping to write a show ala The O.C.); although the issue for me then was that if the show will be a hit, it'll run forever, unlike other shows that have clear duration of their TV run. I just have to set my priorities straight. I know I still wanna write but only for weekly or episodic TV, and movie maybe. Of more importance, I still wanna pursue production work. And I still wanna pursue my Masters degree. And I wanna have lots of free time.

Okay, I gotta finish writing the Day 5 script of Week 1 so I have to stop now. There's a great pressure for us to air on time coz the bosses just found out that the other network got hold of our Week 1 initial draft script (as to how, a very big mystery). Here's to hoping that everything will turn out alright.


Vikkicar said...

Goodluck and Godbless.

beatlebum said...

Thanks Vee. :)

Miaka said...

Beatlebum, I like The OC as well. Di ko lang napapanood because of my sked. Let's do a script and see what we can do with it. :) Miss you Beatlebum!