November 03, 2003

Happy Days

Monday. The 27th. Greenbelt 3.

Michiko and I just learned our good friend Emman resigned from work. To console him and get some insider info as well (bad friends), we invited him to watch Under The Tuscan Sun (floppy but very entertaining) in Greenbelt. Since Emman appeared to be quite alright, we surmised that resigning from his tension-filled position may probably be a very good thing. We ate in Kitchen after and "artist" that he is, Emman began taking pictures of us ("Pang Friendster!:) ). In fairness, Kitchen is well-lit so we look good in the pics. There's one shot of Michiko and I which reminds me of the movie In The Mood for Love. We had so much fun taking pictures that even when we were already in the fountain area outside, we still continued taking pics. Emman thought of taking close up shots of us with the series lights hanging from the trees above our faces. Damn the elites, we didn't care if they would think we're picture-happy fools. We got the most pleasant surprise when a half-EspaƱol and very rich looking matron approached and told us that she appreciated what we did. She told us that she likes it when people are bringing out the beauty and spirituality in one another. (I swear, I'm not making this up.) She even had her picture taken with the series lights and then introduced Emman to her obviously bashful adopted Jordanian son in Starbucks (Michiko and I were equally shy).

It actually felt good that we touched someone else's life. I was thinking she may be the rich kind who has to focus on her business half her life but just really wants to be involved in arts or something. :)

Tuesday. The 28th. SM Megamall.

I was nervous the whole day. My First Romance would have its premiere. Then I got a text message from Guia. "GOOD NEWS!!! We got a B rating frm Film Ratings Board!!!". I was like, "What the...!" I totally couldn't believe it. It means we're in the same mold as Keka and Kung Ako na Lang Sana. LOL! :) Needless to say, the news got me elated and prepared for whatever is going to happen during the premiere night.

During the early part of the John-Heart episode, the audience was unusually quiet. I got scared. I was like, "Oh no, they didn't get the 'joke'!". But the "kilig" parts soon came and the shrieking followed. With the John Lloyd-Bea episode, their fans never failed to cease the opportunity to scream whenever the two stars appear on screen. I realized, "So yun lang pala. All they want is to be 'kilig'!" :) I was very happy that our target audience appreciated all our hard work.

(Flash forward to a few days later: I was happier that my non-fan friends were aware of the "knowing wink" and laughed at the right parts in the One Heart episode.)

Wednesday. The 29th. Somewhere in UP-Diliman.

My insider friend texted me that My First Romance is doing very good in the box-office. Far better than the launching movie of another famous loveteam. Another good news. I felt very blessed. I can actually call myself a one-hit wonder already.:) There is no irony in this but to God be the glory.

I spent the whole day in my boarding house enjoying doing nothing.

Thursday. The 30th. Star Cinema.

Nervousness again started my day. It's the first staff meeting of my new movie project. I will be embarking on a "Survivor" adventure with different "castaways" once more. I was just silent all throughout the meeting even if the staff and Direk Lauren were very friendly ("UTR Teddy, UTR!") Then a big blow came. Miss Elma told me to stay put for the auditions. It meant having to give up a brainstorm session where I could get extra income. Sucks.

Turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the audition gave me the opportunity to know my fellow "castaways" better and establish an "alliance" with them. Assistant director Ricky Rivero (one of the "Ninja Kids") was also very "chika." I'm not sure yet because the "adventure" still hasn't begun but I think I'm ready. Please pray for me.:)

Friday. The 31st. Malate.

It was my first time in Malate. (I told you already I'm a geek, right?:) ). And on a Halloween night at that.
I stood out from the crowd, I think.:) Everyone was wearing black and donning their best goth outfit. I was wearing my striped-baby blue church shirt, jeans and chucks. I was an alien.

Monjam, Rose, Emman, Yam and I first went to this KTV bar. I got scared at first coz when we entered, all these half-naked girls screamed at us in Japanese. The idea of singing on stage was also intimidating. But after getting a grasp of the microphone, the butterflies in my stomach vanished and I soon had fun singing with my friends. I sang Big Mountain's "Baby, I Love Your Way" in my fake Jamaican accent and Oasis' "Don't Go Back in Anger" with all my heart and soul. Emman jokingly told us that we should sing at every opportunity for the Japanase might already arrive. The joke became a reality. Japanese businessmen did arrive and the girls screamed in all delight. It was time for us to leave.

We next went to the only sex shop in the Philippines. My virgin eyes were shocked. The sex gadgets were crazy. I inquired about the penile enlarger. LOL! :) What shocked me the most was the three young girls in Angel outfits who entered the shop to trick or treat (accompanied by an adult, thankfully). The irony! We didn't miss the opportunity to have our pictures taken with them.

Then we reached Nakpil. Man, I've never seen so many gays in my entire life! Rose and Yam became depressed. We decided that we should go to a hetero-friendly bar. We went to Bath. We were mistaken. It turned out it's the pick-up place for gays. Uh-oh! After some dancing and picture taking, we hastily went out.

Emman left to see his friend Raymond. The four of us felt that Malate isn't really fun. Methinks if you're the sex-crazed type it might be fun since I think it's easy to hook up with a stranger there. But if you're not a loser and you actually have friends and you actually are not shallow enough to think of drinking and dancing irresponsibly as, like, your major recreation, then I suggest you just go to a place where you and your friends can hear each other and talk. I know I'm so geeky.

In the end, we just went to The Common Ground, talked and talked, danced a bit, then went to Starbucks T. Morato and analyzed what just happened. Come to think of it, what we did in Common Ground (where we had, at least, fun), we can do elsewhere. :)

Saturday. The 1st. Kakarong Street/Punchline

I met Janette (one of my best buds in high school). We were supposed to have a mini-reunion with our high school friends based in Manila but it seems they're going places (literally) so I told her we'll just hang out in her place instead. We reminisced high school by looking at our photo albums. Levy and Cha (her flatmates), and Lani (their college classmate) were also there. They cooked dinner for me (sweet!) and we talked and talked. Alas, we ran out of topic and since the night was still young, I suggested we go to QC and barhop or something. Just as we were leaving, another high school friend Randy arrived (straight from the airport, from Sydney) to say hi. He apologized he couldn't come with us but it's okay since he gave me a keychain as "pasalubong." Hehe :)

We went to Punchline where we spent the rest of the evening laughing our stomachs out.

Sunday. The 2nd. Something Fishy, Libis.

I woke up noon time already and wondered why I still hadn't gotten a message from my former blockmates. We planned to meet yesterday for some sorta mini-reunion. I later found out that Miaka and Sheila were sick and Rose had an unexpected engagement. So I texted Gen that the dinner date's cancelled. While I really loooove to see my blockmates again, I took the cancellation easily for it means I'll save up money. Let's just say that the gimmicks the previous nights emptied my wallet and fact numero uno is, I haven't been earning for 3 weeks (read: jobless).

Seven in the evening and I got a text from Gen that she's already in Something Fishy. She didn't receive my text message. Ugh! :) Guilty, I hailed a cab right away and went there. Candice, who was nearby, went also. Good thing I went. Eastwood on a Sunday evening was very relaxing. Plus I was with the company of two girl friends who were just so eager to talk. What more, Gen paid the bill so I was a happy guy!:) We promised to see each other again (SOON) with all our other blockmates.

Carpe Diem!

So anyway, while writing this entry, I am actually teary-eyed because I realized how blessed I am. God gave me a happy week! I haven't felt like this in such a long time. I lived life to the fullest, I seized every moment and every opportunity and for a Joey Potter like me, this is for the books. I was aware that my financial resources are depleting but I was like "GO! Live the life!", and it felt good!

But I'm back in the Joey Potter mode now and I'm scared because they say that after the "up" days will be the "down" days. I hope the "down" days will not be that bad.

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