June 08, 2006

Reality Season Ends...

...and my life should have begun already, yet 5 days after The Big Night and I'm still doing nothing. I haven’t made any plans. My daily routine so far consists of surfing the net and doing cardio exercise (or pretending to do it). In a perfect world, I seriously need a month-long debriefing but as the clichĂ© goes, our world is not perfect so tomorrow, I’m already called to report for a meeting. I hope it’s not work-related, something outing-related maybe, because I honestly haven’t figured out yet what to do next. God bless me, yes. :)

Oh, and I just finished watching all the reality show finales (thanks, Mininova). Petty as I always sound, at least it got me into good mood knowing my predictions were mostly correct this season.

Taylor won American Idol.

Kim won Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition.

BJ and Tyler won The Amazing Race.

It was only Aras of Survivor whom I wasn’t able to correctly predict. Danielle coming in second was a big consolation already, though.

Argh, I’m still having fun “escaping” through reality show programs! And I’m still hoping I can live my reality show dream in the future. Still hoping! Haaay…

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