April 26, 2006

Teenybopper Reality

Hella people! I'm back to work again for the Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition. Whew! That's right, I'm still with the show. Hehe. :) I hope you're watching it since it will be probably me my last PBB unless they'll accept me as one of the housemates in the regular-looking season. Heh! :) I will definitely be a villain character if they'll do that. Someone like Richard Hatch meets Rob Cesternino meets Brian Heidik of Survivor. Evil, isn't it?! :) But enough of me and I know it's not going to happen anyway. This is rather a post to promote the show and the teen housemates. So please, people, make it a summer habit to watch Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition, every night, on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. :)

Cam whore time! Below are my pictures of and with the "bisdak" housemates I'm assigned to. I like them all! :)

Bisdak KIM


Bisdak MIKKI

Who do I predict to be the Big 4? Mahirap eh `coz I don't know them that much yet, unlike the celebrity season where I have, more or less, a grasp of the personalities of the housemates. Tapos there are housemates who I like pero when I saw the threads, they're not popular with the internet people. Pero sige na nga, baka lugmok ang predictions ko ngayon, but I THINK the BIG 4 will be: ALDRED, JAMILLA, KIM, & MIKEE.

ETA (4/29): Since a new housemate is coming in anyway and they will still be 12, can I change my Big 4 bets?!? Hehe.:) I will replace whoever's going to exit tonight with GERALD.

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