March 04, 2006

The Amazing Race 9 Picks

It's time again for my seasonal TAR predictions. While they are not necessarily my favorite teams, I peg any of the 3 duos to win the one million dollar prize based on the interesting amount of airtime they got in the first episode, some memorable quotes threw by them that the editors showed during the same episode, and having an actual premise of a story arch that's bound for the long run.

Wanda and Desiree

BJ and Tyler

Ray and Yolanda

I hope I'm right this time. :)


Miaka said...

i didn't even realize that season 9 started if i didn't come across the rerun yesterday! i have a lot of catching up on TV to do but i don't have the luxury of time. :(

beatlebum said...

Bit Comet! :)