May 17, 2005


I'm losing my touch.

I didn't predict Uchenna and Joyce to win AR 7.

I didn't predict Tom to win Survivor: Palau.

And I didn't predict Bo to win American Idol 4.

Yes, I think Bo has the AI4 crown in the bag.

I'll try to do better next season. :)

ETA: Hindi naman pala ako betlog. I just realized upon clicking on the link of my AI4 prediction entry that BO was my brain pick (after Vasquez quit) and CARRIE was my gut pick. Kaya 1 out of 3 pala ako. Ahhhh! Lame noh?! :)

1 comment:

CF said...

Ngek! Working on a reality show is making you lose your knack of predicting the winners of other reality shows? YIKES! Is that ironic or what?!