March 03, 2005

Reality Prick

God knows how busy I am these days but I don't know, I just feel something's lacking if I'm not able to predict my bets to win in my favorite reality TV shows' new seasons. :)



I must admit, with 20 contestants still "in", I'm really having a difficult time predicting the eventual winner. I guess it's becaue AI is unlike other reality shows wherein you just have to be savvy enough to analyze how the story editors develop the arch of the eventual champ/s. (After all, their winner/s is/are already known months before the show's airing.) Secondly, unlike last season wherein Fantasia clearly stood out from the start, there are many stand-outs this time which, I guess, means that the contestants will only be as good as their last performances.

Explanations aside, I'm betting on 7 peeps to win American Idol 4. I think they will ALL be in the Final 12!

He's clearly a "pro". We gotta give him props, dawg! Hahahaha :D

Out of all the girls, it's her voice that I love the most. Now, if only she sings an upbeat song for a change. I think that tempo suits her more.

Just because it's obvious they want a "rocker" American Idol.

Just because it's obvious they want a "country" American Idol.

Fez meets Justin Timberlake. As Simon would say, "very commercial!"

Subjectively, I think he has the best voice in the competition. :)

A lot of peeps are annoyed with her but I just "heart" her! :D I like her being "KKC". Hehehe! You can't coerce me to tell you what "KKC" means. :)

An Usher who curses, I like that. :)

After the Final 12 have been announced and I have enough number of performances to judge them from, I'm gonna narrow these choices down to just 3 as my BRAIN, HEART and GUT picks to be this year's American Idol.


I'm also having a difficult time predicting the winner of the latest season of The Amazing Race mainly because of the presence of former Survivor contestants Rob and Amber. The irony is, while I disliked these two during their respective stints in Survivor, the fact that I've already gotten to know them way before the other contestants makes me want to root for them to last long in the race. (I don't know if that's irony, actually). So it's very difficult to objectively judge their story arch on my part. Nevertheless, Romber aside, my other 3 picks to win are...

Watch out, Romber may not be the eventual villains this season but these pseudo-lesbo lifetime friends!

Finally, an alpha-male team with "personalities". The fact that the editors show them having personalities makes me go hmmm...

The story editors show the other pairs playing against the other teams. They're the only pair shown playing against one another.

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Paul said...

Ang daya naman ng mga predictions mo eh, puro multiple picks. Stick to one gun lang dapat. :p

Methinks the Alpha Males will return to TAR after a two-season hiatus. Brian & Greg will reach the finish line first.