February 21, 2005

Palau Predictions

It's time once again for my seasonal Sole Survivor prediction. Unlike the past seasons where I made my final prediction after the 3rd episode so that I could study the story arch first, I will be bold this time and give you my bets to win based on 1st episode editing alone. (Got inspired by my correct hunch in the recently concluded Amazing Race).

Anyway, based on subjective gut feel and the presentation of their characters through editing and sound bites, I predict any among the five (You gotta give me the 5 choices. I mean, there are 20 castaways this season!) to be the eventual winner of Survivor X.

Lots of Amber shots (read: always focused by the camera).

Gave the first strategic quote of the season. Was portrayed as a very good observant.

Was shown in very positive light. Nice guy role (Ethan!).

This season's Eliza and Rob C. The narrator character.

My gut tells me they're setting up her character to last until the end. We followed her POV from the time she jumped off the boat till her vote campaign against Jowanda. (Unless she's this season's Rory).

Enjoyed immensely the premiere episode, by the way. Probably because I lowered my expectations this time. :)


cf said...

I love Amazing Race, but for some reason, I can't get very excited about Survivor. Isn't that strange? {shrug}

What aspect(s) of the series do you find gripping?

beatlebum said...

i like the show because for a non-manipulative person like me, escapist fare ang survivor saken. i mean its a show where you can play machiavelli without being punished by the laws because there are no law in survivor. i don't know if i make sense.

siguro ang wholesome reason na lang is yun nga, para syang bahay-bahayan for grown-ups. hehehe :)

yung deep reason, para kasi siyang microcosm ng society natin. may deep-seated psychological, sociological, political, etc. factors involved.

cf said...

Thanks for explaining, beatlebum! :) I get what you mean about "escapist fare". Makes perfect sense.

Siguro that's why I like Amazing Race -- I don't get to travel as much as I'd like to. heheheh!