May 21, 2005

Let The Loventure Begin

Oist! Do me a favor and watch Qpids, weeknights starting May 23, right after Memories of Bali, on ABS-CBN. Thanks! :)


CF said...

Patok na patok! :D Woohoo!!!

beatlebum said...

thanks! we're all very happy that the response is generally positive. sana nga, it will translate into good ratings.

btw, the staff watched the pilot ep with carla and her final loveteam partner. secret muna sa ngayon. :)

watch out for carla's sunsilk commercial.

CF said...

Hi beatlebum! Oo nga... I really didn't know what to expect, and was really nervous for the show before it started! Hahaha! And to think I'm not even part of it! :) You guys must have been nervous wrecks in front of the TV. :D

Anyway, it was really great! I enjoyed it a lot, and not just because Carla was in it! hehehe!

Really?! She has a final loveteam partner na? But there's been no voting yet! Hmmm... so we're not the ones who will choose which of the two guys it will be for each girl...? Hmmm... That's interesting.

Anyway, it took me a while to figure out how I would do it, but the episode summary for the pilot is now up on the Qpids Blog. Hope I did justice to it. hehe! I already know I won't be able to make detailed summaries for every episode, but for now, let's see how far I can keep this going... hehehehe!

Finally -- SUNSILK commercial?!? HUH? I thought it was Head and Shoulders (based on the articles)?!

beatlebum said...
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beatlebum said...

Voting will start pag may final 9 loveteam partners na. Although originally, we tried na ganon kaya lang hindi pala feasible for a reality show na everyday pinapalabas.:) It's the ABS-CBN management who decided on the final 9 loveteams.

Carla was uber-excited while watching. She shyly admitted to me that she's not a techie person and that it's her father who tells her about her websites and forums. She thanks everyone who greeted her during her birthday. (Di pa nya nababasa sa sobrang busy). Thank you rin daw sa yo. :)

Galing ng episode summary mo! Thank you talaga! Hindi na namin kayang gawin for the official website kaya I asked them to link your site na lang like I told you sa email. :)

Akala ko rin Head and Shoulder pero sabi niya it's Sunsilk. Si Anne yung magbabalik Head and Shoulders.

Trinnah said...

What time? LOL.

CF said...

Medyo variable ang time eh.

It's supposed to start around 9:15pm, but sometimes it starts 9:30pm and sometimes it starts around 9:45pm.

So just to be on the safe side, check to see if Memories of Bali is already showing! hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

papanoorin ko to!!!


Anonymous said...

hey gyz!!!
nabasa q typ
nio ang qpids ha??!
aq rin...
un lang ang
pnapanood q sa ngayon...
nakakakilig dba??!

beatlebum said...

talaga ha, sig! haha :D