May 13, 2005


Hi all! I figured it's been some time since I last posted so here goes. I just want you to know that I'm still alive and kicking. Hehe.:) I'm busy with work as usual. To those who are wondering when my new show is going to air, I can't disclose the date yet. Let's just say that the company is being very careful in its programming and while they love the episodes they've seen, they want us to launch with another show with established stars to help us in the ratings. (The cast of our show is composed of newbies). I understand their decision so no hard feelings.

One thing for sure, I can't wait for the show to end. For the nth time, I badly need a break. In fact, I've decided already not to take any more offers after the show. This means turning down a movie scriptwriting offer for a teenybopper and a story editor job for a reality show franchise which the network bought. I plan to take a one-month vacation after the show so I can travel around the country perhaps to meet long-lost friends and then bum in my hometown. I also need this, I think, for me to "recharge" whatever creative juices I lost. Heh! Argh, can't wait! :)


BTW, the host of my new show discovered my blog at nakakahiya! Hahaha! What more, he now knows I'm beatlebum of PEX. Yes folks, stars do lurk and post in the message boards. :)


CF said...

Good to know you're still alive and well, beatlebum. hehehehe! :D

About the start date... so that's the explanation pala. Was wondering what's going on eh...

Funny story about the host -- hahaha! Well, I guess it's expected naman that someone from the show will eventually find this blog diba? ;D

Take care, and I hope you not only survive the show, but that you'll find a way to enjoy it again!

CF said...

Looks like the start date is May 23, according to the announcement at the relevant thread in PEx. :D

Anonymous said...


Long time no read ah. Ako rin, medyo nag-hiatus from blogging. But I'm back!! Meaner, Sexier, and Hotter!! Hahaha! Drop by ka dude... I'm sure you're gonna love that pic of Paris Hilton I put up this morning.

Sa mga celebs na naglu-lurk sa message board ni Beatlebum, visit naman kayo sa blog ni Sisis! Ako yun!!

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