March 17, 2005

Living In Reality

Hi guys! Musta na? Me, I'm tired. Hehe. My new show, which is of the reality genre, has already started taping and the shoots have been really very difficult. Enjoy naman ang shoot. It's just hectic and strenuous due to budget concerns. Say, we shoot a week's worth of episodes in just one day. You get what I mean? :) Creatively speaking, nakaka-frustrate. I mean, I'm a reality show fan so I notice right away if there are missing elements that we aren't able to incorporate because of lack of time or equipment. It's the same frustrating story with the editing. You know, I used to laugh at local reality shows for not really getting "it" but now I understand. And now I also have a newfound appreciation for GMA 7's Extra Challenge. Sila talaga ang nag-iisang reality show sa Pilipinas na kuhang kuha ang tamang timpla ng mga elements ng isang reality show.

I just hope our new show would be as good as EC. Basta, watch out for my new show, you guys okay? :)


I only got 5 out of 7 in my American Idol Top 12 predictions. I thought Travis was a lock after seeing his audition pre-Hollywood pero hindi pala. Nikko also lacks the charisma but I still maintain that I like his voice the most among the guys.

I promised to give you my BRAIN, HEART, and GUT picks to win AI4 after the announcement of the TOP 12 so here they are...

BRAIN - This used to be Mario Vasquez but now, it's Bo Bice. He's been consistent all throughout, the judges love him, and he has an increasing fan base.

HEART - Anwar Robinson. For being original and for always taking risks.

GUT - Carrie Underwood. There's always a room for the girl-next-door type country singer to win American Idol.


CF said...

I can't think of anyone better suited to working on a reality show than someone who lives and breathes reality tv!

If EC has set the standard, then I'm sure you can help raise the bar for Philippine reality tv, beatlebum! :)

beatlebum said...

thanks as usual CF! :)

i have a strong feeling though that good or bad, manonood ka pa rin ng new show na to. wink, wink! ;)

cf said...

If you're saying what I think you're saying, then I only have two reactions:
OMG!!! and Woo-hoo!!! hehehe!