March 27, 2005

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter guys! Just got back from my hometown. Yep, I was able to go home this Holy Week. Saya! :) Although, ngaragan na naman ngayon. I'm nervous too. We have shoot tomorrow and I don't know if we're that well prepared. We'll also start editing the new show already next week for presentation to the "gods". I don't know if I can handle the pressure. Siyempre nang dumating ako dito, andami na namang bloopers. I left some important CDs at home and had to ask my sister to LBC them to me. What more, my laptop's inflicted with a computer virus. It just shuts down automatically or says that there's computer error all the time. This started when I added 520 MB of memory to make it 1 G. (I also don't understand what I'm writing about). Plus, argh! I lost my external disk memory of 80 G during our last shoot! Man, I have to spend money to buy extra disk space again. GRRRR! I need the extra space for transcription. Let's just say that I'm not earning much these day after I temporarily left the youth show for this new show. This is so depressing. :(

Neways, thought to share with you some pics taken a day before we had our Subic shoot last week. We found time to have some fun even if there's work the following day. So I guess what's happening to me now is karma.

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New show's staff with our director

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Yep! With our director! Haha! :) Hulaan nyo na lang kung sino.

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With Yam, one of the writers.

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Dinner at Yellowcab Subic after the swim


Anonymous said...

Happy easter to you too, beatlebum! I'm happy to hear you got to go home! :) Buti naman!

Sorry to hear about your virus blues. Based on your description, it sounds like you have the Blaster virus. I remember this because I got hit by it too! hehehe! You need to download the latest security patches from Microsoft to fix it. Hope that helps. :)

CF said...

Whooops! Sorry... forgot to sign my name on my comment... Although malamang you know naman that it's me. hahaha! :)

beatlebum said...

CF! Clicked on the link pero di ko ma-gets how to get rid of the virus. Patulong please. Yung simpleng step by step explanation on what to do. Hehe :D Thanks!

CF said...

Hi beatlebum. You need to do two things in the correct order.

1. First, you have to install the Windows XP Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2 (I assume you're using Win XP kasi bago lang ang laptop mo eh).

You can download the service pack from Microsoft's website at this URL:

2. After you've installed the either of the Service Packs, you have to download the program that fixes the Blaster virus. You can download the program here:

But you must read the instructions on how to use it first, otherwise you might have problems. The instructions are here:


If this is still too "techie", I suggest you find your most techie friend and ask them to help. Or maybe you'll have better luck talking to someone at the IT department at your company and asking them to help you out.

Sorry ha... I wish I could help you more, but it's not very easy to explain via messages kasi it's so easy to get it wrong eh. :(

beatlebum said...

thanks CF! a techie friend also helped me out. no blaster virus was found. medyo okay na naman pero tinotopak pa rin minsan. they say it's an XP thingy. should visit a computer technician soon!