November 06, 2003

Old School

I am now officially enrolled. Masters in Media Studies, Major in Film. I will be a student again. The idea has excited me already.

I thought I wasn't going to make it. Ate Fortune of Film Institute had it mixed. When I called last week to inquire about the advising date, she told me to come today. Luckily, I got overexcited I went to Mass Comm last Tuesday and found out that same day was really the advising date. I panicked obviously. I had to go to Star Cinema first and asked Miss Elma (producer) what days will I be free for the movie project. She told me that the sked's not finalized yet so to be safe, I should only take morning classes on a Monday or Thursday. (Our main actor is not a morning person. He wants to shoot his scenes after lunch time only.) I thought it was good.

Imagine my dismay when I learned that all the master's subjects are only available in the afternoon or evening. My spirits were dampened. "I have to study no matter what!" Not giving up, I reviewed all the subjects I have to take for my first year (including the prerequisites since I'm not a Film major in my undergrad). I was euphoric when I found out there's one whose sked is every Thursday morning. The happiness quickly vanished when I discovered at the same time that all the slots for that section have been filled. "I need a miracle!" I needed an adviser.

Man, the line for advising was looong. It took me like 2 and a half hours before I could see Professor (or is it Doctor?) Joel David. I got to befriend a fellow Masters freshie in the process. Name's Vincent and he's cool enough to accompany and talk to me through those hours. I told Vincent about my dilemma. My only hope was for someone to cancel his or her slot in that section, and for Professor/Doctor David to allow me to take one subject only. I must have talked rather loudly for another Masters student overheard me. Wasn't able to catch her name but she assured me that I'll be allowed to take one subject only. She knows because that's what happened to her last semester, she added. A smile formed upon my face.

The smile turned wider when I got near the door. I couldn't resist asking the registration assistant Jamby (that's the name written on his big ID) if slots are still open for the particular subject and section I'm planning to take. Jamby gave the second good news of the day. "Yes" was his curt reply.

I finally got to see Professor/Doctor David and true enough, I was allowed to take one subject only. I was so happy. Never mind if Professor/Doctor David was kinda aloof. Being a film critic, he must have known I wrote a teenybopper. :) But he is god and he allowed me to take one subject so I still heart him. The fact that I might have quoted one of his books in my high school term paper and I was sitting beside him that moment was already happiness. :)

I went to Jamby right away and have myself enlisted. Looking at the list, I felt a litte bit old when I found out that I'm going to be classmates with 17 and 18 year olds. I made a mental note that I should continue dressing young so my future classmates won't notice. Now, I'm self-conscious.

On my way out, I saw the other god Ramon Bautista. I couldn't look at him straight in the eye coz he's friendsters with my friendster Alfred and there's a 1 percent chance that he might have read this entry. Now, I'm overacting.

Having my fees assessed in the main lobby, I couldn't help but noticed some "conyo" kids hanging around or chilling out, whatever their term is. I immediately pictured them as members of the elitist Broad Ass. To my surprise, some faces became familiar upon further observation. They're not Assers, they're Guilders! Members of UP Broadcasters' Guild! The org I co-founded back in college. I've seen their pics in The Whirl's (later members coined this as an alter-name) profile in Friendster. Our org's now a breeding ground for "conyo" kids. LOL! :D But I have no problems with it. I don't discriminate. I mean that's one of the reasons why we formed the org - not to discriminate! I know it's definitely rare for me to be friends with their kind but what matters to me is that they continue doing good with the org. Personally, I hope they will initiate some projects that involves activism rather than the usual social events.

The final stop is the Engineering Main Lobby where I paid my tuition fees. The registration assistant was "mataray" but I didn't care. Coz when he stamped "enrolled" my Form 5, I was already in Cloud 9.

It's really funny how going back to school can be a big adventure to one. Or maybe not. :)

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