November 10, 2003

Sunday With Friends and The Creek's End

I had an amazing time last Sunday. I got to see my girl friends from college. It has been a while since we had this mini-reunion of sorts, and it's all courtesy of Rosabelle who celebrated her birthday by inviting us for lunch. (Thanks Ros! :))

That Sunday was quite nostalgic for me even if our main topic of conversation was mostly about our present lives. What I mean is the feeling and state of just being there WITH THEM were already enough for me. It brought back wonderful memories (some innocent, some not so) from college days. I could talk zero words that day and would still be happy. That's how I miss the clique!

The nostalgia continued when Ros played the series ender of Dawson's Creek she recorded for me. That show is just so late 90's! It's so college! I even deconstructed the first two seasons for my thesis! :) Dawson's Creek was soapish (yes) but I guess what triggered me to be a Creek fan was because the main characters resonated my college self. I was Dawson in a way that I was an idealist, a filmmaker wannabe and influenced too much by pop culture. I was also Joey because I always played safe and rarely took risks.

Not that I've changed a lot, though coz what really amazed me that afternoon was that even if we have grown 7 years older and wiser (with some, richer), we still haven't changed that much. Still the same 'ol bubbly personalities. Still the same 'ol friends I adore.

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