November 20, 2003

Throw Away Your Television

Since I had been overacting here about my broken VCR and TV, I guess it’s just proper that I update you about the matter. Yep, we already have a new TV! Well it’s actually not brand new, more like a second-hand Japanese-imported TV. It arrived last Saturday, two days after our landlord arrived from his European cruise. Evil me, I subtly blackmailed our house helper prior by threatening that I would transfer to another boarding house if they would not replace the TV. LOL! :) Obviously, my acting’s good based on the swift results.

Not everything’s resolved, though. Apparently, the new TV is not cable-ready. Pathetic, I know! I just have to contend myself by watching free TV channels. Good thing, Survivor’s on Studio 23 but being a pop culture fanatic, I know it’s not enough. So I figured the only way for me to watch cable television programs from a non-cable ready TV set is through my VCR.

But the VCR is another issue in itself. Remember Mr. Fix It? Well, “he” wasn’t able to fix it. :) That’s why when my friend Arah offered to have the VCR fixed with her own money so she can borrow it, I readily agreed and even hastily told her she can have the VCR until next year. That time, she needed to record the last episodes of the soap Kaytagal Kang Hinintay where she’s the writer. I actually thought (still think) it’s a good deal. I couldn’t find any decent electronic shop to fix the equipment plus I don’t have the money to spare anyway. Besides, what’s the use of a good VCR without TV?

Simply put, I’m too shy to tell her now that I need the VCR back. She spent much for its repair and it’s just fair that I keep my word to her. I guess I’ll just have to wait. I like to think I can manage one more month or so of a “no cable” and “no VCR” life. As you know, in those days that I actually had no TV at all, I rediscovered my affinity for radio. I also got to finish 2 good novels – Amy Tan’s The Bonesetter’s Daughter (typical Amy Tan but non-typical storytelling) and Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones (simply beautiful, I unabashedly bawled out in the last few chapters).

In its time.

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