November 27, 2003

Ass Directing

I'm now officially the assistant director of the new movie project. The original assistant director did not sign the contract offered to him. It seems he didn't approve of the talent fee that he'd be getting for the movie. (Gad, I wish I have the power to reject a job! :) ). So last Monday, a day prior to the 3rd shoot day, they were looking for the replacement. I think our producer eyed another person first but our director told her that since that other person would also work as a first-time assistant director anyway, it wouldn't make a difference if they hire me instead. Direk added that it's also better for him because he has known me already from the first 2 shoot days (as the unofficial AD since the original AD didn't really get to work for the project). I know this because Direk told me when he briefed me about the job later on.

Actually, I had doubts whether I'll say yes. After Inang told me about that possible soap writing offer, I resigned myself to the fact that I'll just breeze through this project so I can land a more moneymaking venture after. I was also traumatized by my first (albeit, halted) AD job. (The reasons for which, properly documented here.) In the end, I succumbed to the temptation of a bigger pay plus the fact that I need money for Christmas. LOL! :) The offer also came at a right and manipulative time. I just had a penniless weekend (in the truest sense of the word), which thankfully I survived (thanks to the meal treats of my friends Juvy and Rose.)

I hope I will also survive my new job.

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