December 13, 2008

SUHS in Manila!

So anyway, thanks to my high school classmates, hindi naman totally malungkot ang December ko so far. Last week kasi they went to Singapore for vacation and since may stopover sila sa Manila to and from Singapore, nagkita-kita na rin kami together with our other Manila-based classmates. Arhnel and I drove them around and since turista mode sila, naki-turista mode na rin ako and joined them in their picture-taking marathon. :)

Needless to say, I had fun being with them. I miss high school! I feel super blessed to have formed solid friendship with my HS classmates. On their last night here before they went back to Dumaguete, we relived our IPR sessions (that's the Silliman High version of Truth or Dare :D) in their hotel room. Ang saya kasi hindi na siya wholesome ngayon! Haha!

Hay, I really love these guys! :)

The rest of the pics are in My Multiply.

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