December 12, 2008

Sad December

This is turning out to be another sad December. To think kakasimula pa lang ng buwan. At least in 2006, late December nako "nabasted" nung nililigawan ko. Last year, nasira lang din December ko after Christmas because of what happened to my friend in school. Nasaktan talaga ako for her. Pero this year, save for the visit of my high school friends, parang puro kalungkutan ang mga nangyayari sa buhay ko.

Financially, wala nakong pera at di ko alam kung anong maghihintay sakin na trabaho next year.

Work-wise, di ko matayu-tayo 'yung effin' concept na pinapabuo sakin.

Sa school naman, disheartened nako sa mga nangyayari sa final project ko.

Tapos kanina, I just came from the despedida dinner of a very close friend of mine. He's already leaving for the US for good. Affected talaga ako. Mahal ko ang kaibigan kong 'yun e. Ang sakit pala ng goodbyes.

Alam kong an entry like this usually ends with the blogger eventually thinking of positive stuff to keep things light and hopeful pero pagbigyan n'yo na muna ko. Let me just wallow in sadness.


Nicel said...

Hi Tedz!

Sometimes life throws you stuff you feel you can't handle, but trust me, in the end things have a way of resolving themselves... God knows when to open a door and close another.
You have always been a very good friend- one who is always there in time of need- and I am pretty certain there are wonderful and far better things in store for you with what's left of this year and the next one to come. Just keep the faith!


beatlebum said...

thanks niz! touched ko :)

take care and happy holidays!