October 24, 2008


I know everyone's into Gossip Girl because of the bromance and Chair's manipulative games to cite two reasons, but I would also like to recommend Josh Schwartz other sophomore series - the underrated Chuck.

For one, it has the coolest OBB ever!

For the guys, Sarah's a total hottie.
For those who miss The OC, Chuck is basically Seth Cohen as a spy.
And for those who love a cool soundtrack series, this spy comedy is it! Watch last night's 1998 reunion episode, if you wanna know what I mean :D

So to the US viewers, please save Chuck! I know its ratings are not high but I hope the network agrees with what Eric in Gossip Girl said. "Who watches TV on a TV nowadays, anyway?" :)


Miaka said...

I agree! Sobrang reminiscing yung Chuck Versus the Cougars na episode. Feeling ko tuloy reunion ko yun! hahaha

beatlebum said...

Nawe-weirdan pa rin ako na classic na ang mga songs na featured dun. Haha! The Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up used to be sooo modern, ugh!