November 03, 2005

Halloween 2005

I again spoke too soon. I did attend a Halloween Party during the long weekend. Only, it’s our own party. Haha! Yes geeks, if you want to go to a party but you’re not invited to one, then host a party! Like what we did! :) It was Monjam’s idea, actually. He was probably inspired by the success of last month’s house party that he shoved the idea to my and my housemates’ faces. “Why not just hold a Halloween shindig in your apartment rather than go to Malate like we always do during Halloween?” “Why not just play board games in your apartment or have a film marathon of scary movies?” “And most importantly, why don’t we invite non-common friends so we can meet new friends or if luck is on our side, prospective lovers?” Haha! :) Why not!

Last Sunday’s house party started a bit shaky, though. It was raining hard in the afternoon so most of the invited guests made some last minute cancellations. I also wasn’t able to borrow a party board game because my former workmate who owned the board game totally forgot about it. In other words, the party was a disaster in the making. Only 13 guests came, some of them were people whom I met for the first time, and we all didn’t have a clue what to do or what will happen next. Good thing our instinct told us to just throw in some beer, innovate a parlor game to break the ice, and you’d have people in party mode already. Work friend Emman also did a good job in making the new faces feel comfy. My HS classmate Lawrence who came in late brought Cranium that continued the geeky party mode. Last of the guests left at six o’clock the following day. The party was a success! :)

Postscript: Emman told me what we did could be a concept to a new version of speed dating. I laughed of course, not taking him seriously. It’s only until a day later when I realized Emman could be right when two of the guests who just met during the party hooked up. My lips are sealed sometimes. Hehe. :)


Anonymous said...

halloween '03 was just too fun to top, dude. nothin beats your classic brush-in with the KTV bar girls OR monj's traumatic experience with The Cult of "Swarming Boobs" in our Geeky Halloween history, and surely not even a game called "Dugtungan Mo ang Kwento Ko" or something. :-) hehehe. now maybe if we only had taboo i would've had the laughfest of my life.

then-again-maybe-not. :-)

sana next year nandyan pa ang malate to welcome us back with open arms. i miss bed!

~ partygurl

Monj City said...

next year our halloween would be at sagada!!! im here at baguio ryt now kaddating lang from sagada at mga pare ang sarap dun

beatlebum said...

mga dudes (jologs, hahaha) basta me bagong prospects, okay ako! hahaha :)