November 11, 2005

Happy New Hair

I did it, ugh! Finally had my hair colored. I’m not a fan of artificial hair colors but the parlorista (haha) convinced me so well that a lighter shade would look better on me. Being a person who has difficulty in saying no, I hesitantly gave in.

It’s not the first time. 5 years ago, I attempted to dye my hair blue. While I was never a fan of Savage Garden, I envied Darren Hayes blue hair in that music video of a song I can’t even remember now. I wanted that blue hair! Problem was, I didn’t have the guts to go to a parlor to say so. Wait, I did go to a parlor one time, but they didn’t have the blue color! My co-researcher Byron (yep, the Byron of Cinemanila’s Baryoke fame) found out about my obsession and volunteered to dye my hair. I became ecstatic and excited. Alas Byron is hetero after all, the result was disastrous. Instead of having blue hair, I had sun-bleached blonde. It was laughable.

My hair color right now is not blue. I actually don’t know what color it is. (Embarrassingly, my color vocabulary is limited to primary colors). But I think I like my new hair. Next time though (well, I hope I’ll have the guts), I will go for the blue color! Yes, 5 years have passed and I’m still obsessed about it. LOL!

Hair before

Hair after (heh!)

Gad, this entry is so hollow!

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