October 13, 2005

House Party

Last night’s party was rather fun. Fun, because I didn’t expect it to be that fun. I didn’t even think it was gonna turn out to be a “real” party. When my housemates Rose and Michiko told me they’ll throw a despedida for our work friend Jo (she’s gonna go to the States for work), I thought it would just be a simple salo-salo. Thought there’ll be only 5 to 7 people who’ll come and we’ll just make chika. Boy, was I wrong, and it’s one of those rare moments when I’m actually happy that I was wrong.

I believe it was the first house party ever held in our apartment. Never expected that many people to fit inside the house. There were at least 30 guests who arrived and they are people whom I have met in various periods of my work life. Some are still workmates; while others have gone on to make a mark in the indie world. I also got to meet new peeps - a friend of a friend, a friend's indie workmate, folks from the Friendster era... It's fun meeting people in a non-work environment sometimes. Haha, dorky alert. :)

Marlon (my non-work friend who supposedly just passed by the house to borrow DVD but was eventually coaxed to join the party) commented that the crowd was definitely “bohemian”. I felt a sense of pride upon hearing his comment. So I guess I’m “bohemian” too. I guess that makes me cool like our guests. Haha, dorky alert part deux. :)

And what do bohemian peeps do when they party? I thought they do drugs, drink alcohol, and have orgy. But no! They party by playing this film-geeky DVD game called Scene It. They also party by watching a Steely Dan docu and analyzing their music after. Ah, they love the 80’s favorite Scrabble and play it using colloquial words with childish glee. Playing cards is also a staple. Those of course, aside from the usual sharing of cinematic dreams and lambasting of pretentious mainstream fare.

Party ended at dawn but I was so dead tired by 4am, I sneaked up to my room to sleep. Felt guilty upon finding out the following day that my housemates cleaned the mess by their twosome but certainly slept with a smile upon my face.

Oh, bon voyage, Jo and party on! :)


Anonymous said...

to more parties! and more new potential friends in our lives! ~ partygurl

beatlebum said...

Go Partgurl! :D