March 13, 2004


Year 1997, when Internet was still in its advent, I frequented the University Cybercafé at the basement of Vinzon's Hall in UP-Diliman. Rental fee was P60 per hour then (it definitely hurt my wallet!) but it’s okay. After all, it's a cheap rate for chatting with High School friends living in the States. PLUS! I also got to listen to some cool music for free. See, the café’s RA (a guy named Johnoy) often jammed with his band there. The customers didn’t seem to mind coz they played good stuff.

Year 1999, I was the floor director of the Concert for the Freshies. The experience was very “Almost Famous”. I was the virgin geek who had to deal with the rock bands’ over-inflated egos (and the drowning smell of “juts”!) There’s the metal-rap band that acted primadonna with regard the venue’s lighting (WTF!) There were the popular rock bands that didn’t want to follow the program. They wanted to perform right away, never mind if there were campus-based bands which were set to perform ahead of them. Johnoy’s band was one of the “victims” of these primadonnas. They weren’t able to perform that night and I felt sorry for them coz it would surely had been a big break.

Year 2004, I was watching MTV and what did I see? The music video of Johnoy and his band!!! So they finally landed a mainstream deal! They still haven’t changed their name. Taken from the connecting corridor of their former dorm Narra, they still use the moniker Bridge. While I’m not really a big fan of alt-blues, I must admit their single “Kahit Na” has a catchy riff. I also feel happy and proud that, you know, I was able to see them when they were still beginning. Not that they’re very famous now but still! I don’t know, as Miaka would say, coolness! :)

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