March 08, 2004


I'm laughing out loud right now! :D This is sooo weird! I don't know if somebody's playing a big joke on me. I got an invite from this Friendster site. The accompanying message is as follows.

hey Ted!! i just wanna let you know that you
belong to a rare and endangered species of HOT

this is an invitation to be added to the HOT MEN
HUNTRESS' roster of gorgeous men - with SUBSTANCE.

if you accept this invitation, reply to this
message with your email address you use for your a
friendster account or just add thanks and keep it up!

- hot men huntress

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I know you're laughing Miaka! :D I didn't accept the invite of course! Hot is not me, most certainly! :) I am perfectly aware I'm butt-fuckin' ugly. I'm just photogenic. Heh. :D

And I have substance daw! What's that supposed to mean?! :D

I will try to post the 2nd of 2 Parts (lame title, I know!) later this week. ;)

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