March 19, 2004

American Idol

Having confessed to be a Reality TV freak, (I know! The term Reality TV is overused already! To some self-proclaimed reality shows, why not use the term "documentary" or "popularity contest" instead?!) I guess it's just predictable admitting to you that, yes, I am addicted these days to American Idol 3. Finally, after 2 years of just reading about it through Entertainment Weekly, I now get to see what the fuzz is all about. Thanks to Star World for airing the latest season (or no thanks still, since they air the episodes 2 weeks late, thus, being a regular reader of Reality News Online, I already know who gets the boot in advance.)

Yes, American Idol 3 is pure cheesiness. It's unabashedly corny. And to some extent, exploitative in milking the contestants' emotions for the sake of the ratings. But I'm sure, other fans like me would agree that it's certainly entertaining, and definitely addicting (yeah, I just said I was addicted in the first paragraph.)

So just like any loyal fan, now that I've seen all the FINAL 12 CONTESTANTS perform, allow me to post my bets. I LOVE to see the following be the next American Idol.

John Peter Lewis and John Stevens

Camile Velasco and Fantasia Barino

I like the four because they have unique voices and great personalities. (Remember, this is not merely a singing contest? The contestants' charisma also counts.) I'm also freakin' tired of "birit" singers. (Fantasia can be considered one but the texture of her voice makes her different from the usual crop). I want to erase the notion that just because you can reach high notes, it automatically means that you're a great singer.

However, I think singing conventions will still prevail in this competition. I THINK the following "birit" singers will win.

La Toya London and Diana De Garmo

Jasmine Trias and Fantasia Barino

Let's see if it's my MIND or my HEART that will agree with America's decision. Or neither. Heh.

On a sidenote, I find Randy's comments last night about John Stevens not being unique because he just imitates Dean Martin a "double standard". Yes, John sounds like Dean Martin but Amy Adams also sounds like Celine Dion, Camille Velasco sounds like Lauryn Hill, La Toya sounds like Toni Braxton (and so on), so why focus all the hate towards John?!

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