March 25, 2004

Melodramatic Fool

Can I just say I can't wait till we're done with the movie's shooting? I look like a zombie now. I've been sleeping for only 3 hours or so since Saturday. Aside from work, I did some DVD subtitling "raket" for Oki Doki Doc, The Movie coz I desperately need the money. (I'm bad in English but it's okay coz Jimmy Santos' character speaks in Carabao English anyway. :D ) What more, I had to finish 5 film reviews for my Film 100 class and study tons of papers for the final exams. (We just had the exams this morning. Relief!) What else, my Tatay asked me to order some pocket cards in a printing press here for his election bid. (The printing press SUCKS in terms of customer relations!) And work schedule is getting hectic, or to be more appropriate tentatively hectic. What I mean is we've been constantly changing shoot schedule due to the unavailability of say, the location or actors. All the scenes left are also difficult to shoot because they're logistically or emotionally heavy. To think that we're rushing to meet the playdate! Am I whining here or what?! ARGH! I want to get FREEEEE!!!!! OH NO!!! Last song syndrome! Ugh! :D

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