January 02, 2004

Starting Over

What a cliche! New Year. Starting over. Heh. :)

Well, the holidays are almost over. I will be going back to Manila soon. Back to the real world. Or at least, my version of the real world. I am in the provincial capital right now. (The net cafes here are slightly better - slow, but better.) My Nanay, sistah and I are supposed to buy tickets for fastcraft to another island (where my Sis is studying and where I'm going to take my plane that will fly me back to Manila) but the ticketing office is closed. They said it's a holiday. Holiday whatever, but don't they realize that students from Mindanao are going back to their Visayas' universities soon? Gad! I could just fly straight from our airport here you know. It's just that financial reasons tell me that I should save money and fly a Cebu Pacific or Air Philippines rather than a PAL. Pity me! Ah! The harsh realities are indeed back. :)

The past week has been a topsy-turvy one. The get-together with my elementary classmates was a blast. Compared to last year's relatively well-planned reunion, only a few came this year. But that didn't prevent us from eating, drinking and merrymaking. Man, I'm not an alcoholic but I think I drank more than my share that day. We had fun reminiscing all those embarrasing childhood incidents while drinking booze and puffing Marlboro sticks (which later became Winston when we couldn't afford to buy a Marlboro any longer). It's so unhealthy I know but it just happens once a year so it's okay, I guess. We started at 11 in the morning and ended around midnight. (Last year, we ended at 5 in the morning, tho we started late). We didn't swim.

December 29 was my Tatay's birthday. The office he's working for gave him a party since he's going to retire this month. I don't know. He must have been touched that much or depressed or mixed because he came home sick. Up to now, he still has fever. If you're in you're 20's and you have fever, you may not mind it that much, but's he's already in his 60's, so I guess I should be more concerned. I am concerned. I hope he gets well soon. (I think he's getting better.) The retirement thingy also got me into thinking that it means I'm going to do good already with my job and everything. I've been a slacker (an employed slacker, mind you) since graduation because I know my parents are still working and there are only 2 of us, siblings. That lame excuse has to be erased NOW. 2004 is going to be tough.

Then yesterday, while texting my friends happy new year, I got horrified with direk's reply. (This is my exag state). He said that the movie script has been turned over to us. I am in panic mode. Is this "Till There Was You" deja vu? I hope not. While I'm proud of the additional script writing I did for that movie, it was hell writing it. Working as assistant director (trainee then) and writing at the same time was just traumatic. I'd arrive on the set and Direk Joyce would tell me, "Ted ang pangit ng script mo, revise mo!" and I'd do the revision on the spot while the others were waiting for me to finish. Ugh! :) I perfectly understand the situation though since a film should always be the filmmaker's vision. Besides, didn't I explain enough here how mainstream writing works and that quality is subjective? Shit! What will I do? Actually, I can't do anything since I need the money. :)

I'm supposed to write my New Year's resolutions next (my first time to do such) but I was taken aback by Carla_Fan's philosophical comments (read previous entry's comments) about New Year. I think she's right. I agree with her. Nevertheless... :)

In random order...

1. SAVE MONEY. Remember that, freak? Your Tatay's retiring! Your sister's in sophomore college! And you're still not saving money! Save money this year. Stop buying on impulse. Choose wisely the movies to watch. Eat cheap but nutritious food. Stop the chocolate craving.

2. JOG REGULARLY. You can't afford to go to the gym. You're tummy's big. You don't even eat vegetables. Your best option is to frequent those jogs in UP. You live in UP, you can easily do this! And stop making excuses about not having comfy jog outfit or shoes anymore. If you do resolution #1, you can easily buy comfy ones in a month or so.

3. STOP SMOKING. I know you only smoke when you're depressed or stressed but quit the habit! Even if it looks cool! You're not in your teens anymore. Your friends will still be your friends even if you don't smoke.

4. DON'T DRINK ALCOHOL. Same as #3, your friends will still be your friends even if you don't drink. Gad, you're nearing mid-20's already! And I've got one word for you, freak! CANCER.

5. READ MORE. I know TV's taking up your precious free time but why not, instead of watching those cheezy and manipulative Star in a Million or StarStruck, read a good book instead? You did fine this year, having read five and immediately naming them your favorites in your Friendster profile since they're the only books you've read anyway, but I know you can do better this year!

6. STOP THAT INSECURITY CRAP! I know this is the hardest one for you but not all people are beautiful! Not all of us are geniuses! There will always be the mediocre, untalented, and ugly ones like you. Accept that pathetic fact.

I promise to give my favorites ten's next time. :)

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