January 18, 2004

Ups and Downs

UP - I learned to say "no." Remember the text message I got from Direk during the New Year? I thought I would just be doing some minor script revisions. Well I found out when I got back here that they're asking me to do some major rewrite of the material, specifically the 3rd act. I did the same for "Till There Was You" but for this new movie, it's a totally different case. First, I'm now the main AD and it's very difficult to juggle both script writing and ass directing. It's either or. Second, after reading the script, I realized that the story's setting and characters are not just "me". Not my sensibility. I really need to focus and sit down on the material for me to be able to come up with at least, a credible revision and the 3 days they gave me would not suffice. I'm the type who has difficulty in saying "no." I've been raised with the belief of grabbing every opportunity (sometimes mixed with the term "blessing") that comes my way so my saying "no" was definitely an achievement.

DOWN - Yesterday's shoot was a major downer. We were not able to close one day effect sequence in an expensive location and I had so many "palpaks" during the evening shoot. It was consolation enough that Direk's a kind person but I definitely tested his patience yesterday. There were minor hitches in the day shoot like one of our actors' coming late, crowd control problems (we shot in Manila Zoo on a Saturday), and technical problems (camera and stuff) but I felt that the major hitch was my lack of anticipation on how Direk would treat the sequence. Reading the script, I thought it would just be one simple scene (just an exchange between two characters) but I was mistaken obviously. Direk had two camera set-ups and had many shots ("kinarir!" is the shoot lingo for this). Had I anticipated well, I would have requested an earlier call time. And since I got a reprimand from our producer for the non-closed sequence, my downhearted mood carried on to the evening shoot in that I committed many common sense mistakes (e.g. not checking in advance if the elevator location is actually working, etc.) I'm so depressed. I think Direk got so disappointed.

DOWN - The year's just starting and I already have so many debts. Argh! The film company I'm working for has a 3-day shoot= 1 weekly talent fee policy and since we got paid in advance before the holidays (and they paid me the wrong rate), we still have to shoot 3 more days for us to get paid. Life's really unfair in the movie biz but I guess, I'm a sadomasochist. (Am I using the right term?)

UP - I finally have my passport. It sucks because it bears my original name (the one I abhor) but for the purpose of the shoot, I can't ask for more. I'm looking forward to my first travel outside the country. Now if only the shoots will be smoother... Haay....

DOWN - My father is still sick would you believe? He's still down with flu. And so do my mother and my cousin who's living with them. Man, I hope they're going to be fine sooner.

DOWN – I already have 1 absence in my Film 100 class (which actually equals to 2 absences since it’s a once a week class). I was so stupid, I totally forgot that I’m taking up classes after I came back here. I’m not kidding. I just got too engrossed with work, I guess. The reason why I’m sulking is because I know I’m going to be absent once again when we’re going to shoot outside the country. And as much as I don’t want to admit it, I do want to get a grade of 1.25 or better in that class. :)

UP/DOWN - I can't decide if it's up or down that my father is going to run for city councilor in the next elections. It's so surreal.:) He just retired so I guess he wants a new pace in life. Well, I guess I have no choice but to support him. I better prepare a song I can sing during the campaign period. Haha. :)

UP/DOWN - Another soap writing offer turned down. As I wrote, I can't do screenplay writing and ass directing at the same time. I'm not a multi-task person. But I need the money! And money is in the soap operas. Huhuhuhu. :)

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