September 29, 2004

First Year

Today is my blog's 1st birthday. It is also the 1st year death anniversary of my Papay. The whole family is in Zamboanga City to remember him. Funny I told this to my friend Paul in YM and he didn't know whether to say congrats or condolence. ;-)

I would have wanted to post longer, a "look back" entry perhaps, but I still have a deadline to beat. I also haven't slept yet.

And so, I'm ending my anniversary post by giving special thanks to my loyal readers, er, reader (read: Carla Fan), my co-blogger friends who occasionally read my posts too (Miaka, Waterfowl, Pink, Dude, Mar, and lately Sisig), and my blog lurkers who are too shy to post a comment (I know two, Michiko and Chegay!). I know my audience noh!?. Of course, thanks to the SCQ Reload fans! ;-)

You inspire me peeps! I "heart" you all! Heh.


Anonymous said...

Happy blogday, beatlebum. One year na ba 'tong blog na 'to?!? I guess that means I've been reading it for around 10 months na?! How quickly time flies! No wonder I sometimes feel like you're already a long-time friend. :)

So sorry to hear about the first death anniversary of your Papay. I hope you are recharged physically and spiritually by your Zamboanga City visit.

Your loyal reader (haha!)
~ CF

Miaka said...

Happy Blogday! Araw lang pala ang pagitan ng ating blogs.

Anonymous said...

dude! itaas natin for your blog and for your papay! my first beer for happy hour today is for you!

beatlebum said...

Thank you guys! :D

CF, it should have been the whole family except me. ;)

Miaka, honga, magka birthday month at year pala blogs natin. Hehe :D

Sisig, salamat po! :D