October 01, 2004

Slow Burn

I'm getting tired with my work and it's disappointing me. I was supposed to finish a 3-day script last Monday but I ended up finishing the whole draft just yesterday morning. Deadline for next week's 5-day script is Saturday so I should have spent the entire day making the one-liner, right? Wrong! I just bummed around doing nothing but watched TV. I ended up canceling a one-liner meeting with my contributing writers because I couldn't present them any. I just told myself I would do the one-liner by nighttime after the airing of SCQ Reload. Which I did. I went to the cyber café outside campus after, to start working. (I find it more convenient saving my files in my Yahoo Mail account.) Alas, luck wasn't also on my side as the PLDT lines were not connecting. My mind wasn't that giddy to work anyway so I decided to go to SM North instead, and caught the last full screening of Fahrenheit 9/11.

Fahrenheit 9/11 is obviously politically motivated and subjectively anti-Bush but these don't erase the fact that it's a well-thought of, well-made and well-written documentary. Michael Moore is a documentary god. He was able to send his message straight into my heart and me being perennially depressed, I easily shed a tear or two. The movie was more personal than I thought. And universal too! You could see parallelisms with the way Bush leads to some of our former and present Philippine political leaders. I also find it eerie that the once fictional "what if" premise of Wag the Dog is presented in Fahrenheit 9/11 as reality. I definitely recommend you guys, to go and see the movie.

And so, here I am again, back in the cyber cafe after the movie, still not able to start writing the one-liner and just blogging my butt off. Good lord help me. I'm losing the zest. I'm not just feeling "it."

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Miaka said...

I have a copy of Farenheit 9/11 at home. (Well, Michael Moore has said that he doesn't mind if people are sharing it or whatever! :)) Anyway, I'm planning on watching it again this weekend and I so totally feel it. I like the part when Moore started approaching the Congressmen and Senators together with an army recruiter to get their children to sign up. Let's see how easy it is for them to bear the thought of their children fighting a war that is not theirs in the first place.