September 19, 2004

Vanity Fair

Met with Miaka and our other college blockmates last Friday night. Me saying it was "coolness" seeing them again is definitely an understatement. "Coolness" is also Miaka's PALM camera. My vain self loves it! Hehe. :D My college blockmates actually said I looked good "daw" that night and whether they were joking or not, heck, I don't care! I only hear that compliment once (okay, twice) every ten years so I took the oppportunity to "whore" myself with Miaka's PALM camera. Here are the pics, courtesy of Miaka...and hey, I hear you laughing. :D

Me and my red market bag

Me and Candice

Me and Waterfowl

Me and Juvy

This has got to be my most embarrassing blog post. Ugh! :D


saffron_blue said...

wow! ang macho! bwahahahaha

Miaka said...

we should call this blog "beatlebum and the women" hehehe (^_^) how come we don't have a picture together? But seriously, you really do look good. We were all blown away when you entered the restaurant. no kidding!

beatlebum said...

Master Eskinol lang yan! BWAHAHAHAHA :D (Equivalent of shinampoo ko lang yan! :D) Honga, la tayong pic together.

Anonymous said...

You look relaxed and refreshed in these photos. :)

~ CF

beatlebum said...

I'm back to harassed mode right now. Haay.