September 12, 2004

Alive Still

I just wanna tell you guys that I'm still alive and surviving. Nothing has changed much with my daily routine. Actually, it's the same daily routine - writing, revising and brainstorming for the youth soap opera. Take note that I'm not naming the soap anymore. (See Tagboard for obvious reasons. Heh. :D ) Not that it matters anyway. See, one of the contributing writers already discovered my blog and told me I posted a lot of "incriminating evidence" here. (Hi Olive! :D ) I guess I should be panicking now but it's all cool. I actually, jokingly told one of the bosses that it's okay if they fire me so I won't have to go through the long ordeal of having my resignation application accepted in this mainstream TV bureaucracy.

I just miss my social life, that's all. I miss the company of my friends. I miss blogging around. Reading through my archives, I realized I may have been penniless before this soap opera work came in but I did have fun. Which goes to say I ain't having fun these days. :(


Anonymous said...

So nice to know you're still alive! :) I miss reading your posts.

~ CF

Dude said...

install a second tag-board! hehehe