February 05, 2004

Free Doom

I think I'm going to get a low grade in my film class. I always come to class late. My reaction papers on the films we viewed are only 3 paragraphs long (my classmates submit 3 pages). I don't participate in class discussions (I'm too sleepy or tired to talk, coming from a shooting that ends the dawn earlier). And I'll be absent again for at least 2 more classes due to work. I might not even get to report my assigned topic. Is this goodbye academe for me?


We're supposed to shoot today but it was packed up. One of our actors begged off saying he'll have himself confined in the hospital for 3 days. He told us he thinks he has health problems. The malicious side in me thinks otherwise. I think he's going to have a liposuction. I know, evil thinking! :) But I can't help but think so considering we had to do some reshoots due to producers' concern about his weight. Or I may be just making too much drama out of this.


You think I'd be free since we won't be shooting till Saturday. But no, I still have to go to the office to conduct some freakin' auditions. Gad, I'm so frustrated over the lack of talents who can act but are not expensive. It seems there is a dearth of good talents here in the P.I. People who audition are either fans who just want to see how a shooting goes or impoverished bums who simply want to earn something, anything. I'm frustrated because this is the aspect of shoot where I get the most "okray" from Direk. It really dampens my spirit, you know. It's like I'm already anticipating that Direk would "okray" me every shoot because of the quality of talents who come to the set. Argh!!! Lord, help me!


A classmate is reporting right now about the auteur theory. He keeps pronouncing auteur as "aute-ur". Now, I'm also not good in pronunciation (or diction even) but dude, it's pronounced as "autur"! NOT "aute-ur"!!! Ugh!

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