February 15, 2004


I spent my Valentines with my high school classmates. Franco invited us to his condo unit in Robinson’s Ermita to distribute the VCDs he especially made for our class. The VCDs feature footages from high school, which Franco took some 10 years ago using his old reliable V8 camera. (He was our Dawson Leery.) He created music videos out of them. Creative, I say, because he used songs from the era, which makes the video even more valuable and nostalgic.

Unfortunately, there were only 2 of us who went. The others said they had previous commitments which actually surprised me since they are singles. I mean, I would have understood if Mary Ann (the other one who came) said no since she has a boyfriend and it's Valentines Day. My mood dampened a bit then. For crying out loud, I'm single and I need the company of other singles like me on Valentines Day! :) Okay, I also miss them. We rarely see each other even if we’re all living in the metro because of our work (or my irregular work sked on my part) and mini-reunions such as what would have happened are always total blasts. The last time we met in Franco's place (2 years ago), we had so much fun eating, swimming, and reminiscing our high school lives. (That’s fun to me.)

The mood didn't change at all when we viewed the video. It was so heart wrenching seeing my younger self so carefree and so full of life and so not jaded...UGH! I miss high school.

There was the footage of our Social Science group acting out the Roman Empire era for a class project. We were so serious, it was so freakin' funny. I remember we did some location shoot in the mountains of Negros. Can you imagine, we were 15 year olds, Franco was our driver and lousy one that he was, we almost fell from the cliff?! :) (I know, awkward sentence structure).

There was also the video of our class during a sleepover in Marita's hotel. Marita's one of the rich kids and during her birthday, she invited the whole class to sleep over in their hotel. It was so cool! :) We played a lot of games from the juvenile "spin the bottle" to the childish "ghost haunting".

Of course, watching the video also reminded me of my status as the perennial victim of the big boys. :) There was a perfect capture of me being thrown into the pool by Arhnel, the class bully. (We're friends now, to be fair.)

Haaay.... those were the days.... 10 years ago.... man, I'm not getting younger.... I’m depressed .... :)

After viewing, we had dinner in a Chinese resto downstairs. Mary Ann's boyfriend joined us and I'm reminded again that it's Valentines Day and yes, I'm single. (Franco's GF's based south). Since I don't think both Franco and I wanted each other's company after Mary Ann and BF left for their "real" dinner, I just thanked him and said goodbye. It was still 8pm.

And that, my friends, is how my Valentines Day ended. Alone. As usual.

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