March 11, 2009

American Idol 8 Predictions!

Must be the live band or the bigger stage, or maybe because I didn't read the recap blogs beforehand but for the first time in what I would have considered an underwhelming season, I was actually impressed with the show! I'm referring to the final 13 performance episode where majority of the contestants gave solid numbers. Compared to previous seasons wherein you can already predict by this time the 2 or 3 singers who would surely go all the way to finals, I say this season has an even playing field. That's a good thing because it means unpredictability and who doesn't love that on reality TV?

Having said that, I predict that this season will be a battle between The Pimped and The Underdogs. For the sake of fair play, I wouldn't want The Pimped to win but I also know that the judges (and producers and story editors) have major influence on the voting public and since this is a prediction game, I gotta be objective. :)



Both are pimped, thus very popular with the public. I like Danny Gokey's tone but the pimping just turned me off. No thanks to the producers, I find it hard to objectively judge his performances now. I'm not a fan of high-pitch voices (even if I have one, haha) but Adam is more current, consistent and original in his interpretations.

BRAIN PICK: Adam Lambert



Both started as underdogs and relied on their vocal prowess to enter the Final 13. Of the two, Allison is more underdog since Alexis was featured in the audition rounds and Ryan always reminds us that she's a single mother. I like both because they give unpredictably original (yet predictably good) performances. But I've always been into pop-rock and so Dial Idol be damned...

HEART PICK: Allison Iraheta



Lil has been pimped since Day 1 while Kris was invisible until the semifinal rounds. What works against Lil is that an African American woman just won two seasons ago and she also pales in comparison (methinks) to the first female African American Idol. But there's just something about her personality that makes her shine in her performances. I have a gut feeling that she can still surprise. Kris, on the other hand, doesn't have the best voice but is very good-looking and very passionate in every performance. Is that what you call "it"? To borrow Kara, he's a package artist. However, Idol hasn't been really kind to non-"birit" singers but there's always a first time.

GUT PICK: Kris Allen

There you go, I predict Adam, Allison or Kris to win American Idol Season 8.


Can I just add that for sheer entertainment value, I enjoy Megan and Anoop? :)

And I'm sorry, I don't get Matt Giraud YET. He sings in tune but I find him bland and his voice, generic. He's a poor man's Timberlake. Sorry, fans!


Curious about my past predictions?
American Idol 7 - FAIL. I chose Johns over Cook as my Heart pick. This was before Hello
American Idol 6 - FAIL. I was rooting for Blake. Didn't even have Jordin on my radar.
American Idol 5 - WIN. Though I was not really strongly rooting for anyone.
American Idol 4 - WIN. Duh.
American Idol 3 - WIN. From the start, it was purely Fantasia!

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