April 29, 2006

I Pity

I got home from work today feeling depressed (again, what's new! :) ) But this time, it's not about me. I pity the housemate who's going to do a voluntary exit tonight. I feel for him. Honestly, I didn't dig him in the early days. I even thought he was just playing for the cameras and acting out his "pity me" story arch. I also got irritated with him when I found out something (that I cannot disclose), which made me question his character. I only placed him to be one of the Big 4 (now, that's a clue although I'm sure any regular viewer already knows who's going to exit) because of his tremendous popularity on the net. But then, my feelings changed upon discovering and finding out everything that made him that way. He wasn't acting. He is really a genuine person who happens to have some heavy emotional baggage to deal with. I wish I can explain further but sadly, I can't. Some things are better left unsaid. All I can do is to pray that God bless him and guide him in his life's crucial stage.

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waitlisted said...

hey! sorry for intruding in your blogspot. i just got here by chance! anyway, you talked about aldred here. i'm a fan. a big fan! as such, i silently endured the roller-coaster ride (i.e. emotions)plus the nasty rumors about him. you're an insider and you wrote that you found out something that made you question aldred's character. perhaps, the time is ripe to disclose it here. no matter how bad it is i think i'm ready!