May 22, 2006

Morality Play

I just want to say I cringe every time we do the moral lesson stuff on the show. It doesn't feel right for me because it feels shallow and fake considering the show is a product of commercialism. At the same time, what right do we have to suddenly become the moral authority? The show is foremost a game show so why not leave it at that? It is a reality contest so why not leave the judgment to the people to root for the contestant whose value system they can most relate with? It's really making me uneasy cause if I have my way, I'd rather we stick to the game and leave the preaching to the moralists.

Just letting it out. :)


Ashok SINGH said...

I have not read you fully but your first few lines forced me to respond, commercialization does not mean that everything has to be bad. Commericalization have arised out of same society which has been preaching morality for long. that preaching have survived so long and thus must have some value, I am sure you disagree with this thats why you write the way you write, but dont you think morality has the right to use media which it helped get created..yes I think the guys who invented todays world have had high standard of morality do you disagree with this as well?

I am just letting it out as well ( yes I did read your last line)

beatlebum said...

I don't have a problem with commercialization. I am fully aware I'm a product of it and thrived because of it. I also believe that as a member of mass media, I have a social responsibility.

What I don't like is the way our show is acting like "the" moral authority. It's difficult to explain since I'm speaking vaguely to protect myself and you're also not aware of our show since you're from another country.

But I perfectly understand you.

CF said...

I caught one of the recent episodes as well, and it was indeed very much "the kids have lessons to learn" and the "tests" on the show are designed so that they learn the lessons BigBro feels they need.

I guess a lot has to do with the fact that this is the Teen edition. The "lessons" are a lot less subtle now than in the earlier editions.

beatlebum said...

What I don't like more is how we cover up our bloopers by coming up with a moral lesson to defend a particular deed or task. My uneasiness really stems from the fact that I don't think I have the authority to impose what's good behavior or not. Or in thinking of a lesson just to prove that a particular task is not inane, no matter how inane the task may be.

Anyway, different strokes for different folks! :) I will now chill! :)

jepoy said...

sup beatlebum. blog-hopped to your site. I kinda agree with you. Contestants from reality tv came in to the show with their own set of values and beliefs. They will act the way they were brought up to be or they way they know how. The show can affect them whatever they want. But it's up to them to process and realize them. The show shouldn't dictate how they should act. They will know it own their own. It would be sweeter if they learned the lessons on their own instead of being spoon fed.

anyway good luck with the rest of the season.

peash out!


beatlebum said...

ey, thanks for dropping by. i agree! :)