April 12, 2006

Hard Sell

I wasn't able to attend the special screening because it was also the wedding day of a dear friend but I heard people were laughing out loud to the movie. So if you feel like getting out of the blues and have a good time, don't forget to watch D' Lucky Ones on April 15. Bring your whole family with you. :)

Below are some short trailers, again courtesy of CF. :)

Short Trailer 1

Short Trailer 2

Short Trailer 3

Short Trailer 4

For the flick's full trailer, click HERE.
For the flick's official website, click HERE.

Save Philippine cinema! Watch D' Lucky Ones! :D

1 comment:

CF said...

One new videoclip to add to the collection...

D' Lucky Ones! Showing Na! (still on YouTube)

Teehee. :D