April 21, 2005

Reality Facts

1. I'm a reality TV show fan.
2. However, I only watch and like Survivor, The Amazing Race and American Idol.
3. I don't like Third Wheel, Blind Date, and other reality shows with "derogatory" grafix (GFX).
4. I enjoy watching Ethel Booba making "okray" in Extra Challenge, but I loathe Paolo Bediones' "okray" voice-overs (VO's).
5. I prefer my reality show to tell the narrative through story editing and on-cam interviews from the participants themselves, and NOT through "spoonfeeding" VO's from the hosts and those cheesy GFX and stingers.

Just to set things straight.

1 comment:

CF said...

Uh-oh... I think I know where this is going...