November 17, 2004

Techie Virgin

Guys, I finally have my own notebook! :) The end product of all the blood, sweat and tears from soap opera writing! I am a happy person right now. :) This is my first PC actually. I originally planned to buy the desktop (?) kind but I realized it wouldn't be convenient for a nomad like me. I mean, I don't have a permanent abode in the metro and at the same time, my job, well, my previous jobs require me to move around. A notebook is the only way to go.

Of course, being a techie-illiterate, I had to constantly annoy my friends Michiko, Paul and Dude asking for their recommendatons and tips in buying a notebook. Thank you guys! My notebook is not the high-end type but I focused more on the specs as they suggested. Plus it has a built in mic/webcam and WIFI (alright!) so it's more than okay. My only problem is that I have no idea how to use most of the computer programs. Would you believe it took me two days to figure out how to connect my notebook to the telephone line? And I still have to learn how to download music files from the net, use the Adobe stuff, and many more! Argh, I can't wait to learn them! Easy, Teddy, easy! :)

Okay, I'm blank now (didn't get enough sleep last night trying to decipher the computer manual) so I'll just leave you with this pic of me and my "baby". Eeew! :D


Miaka said...

shet! inggit ako! ano specs? yung laptop ko, di na na-upgrade. gusto ko yung wifi saka built in na mic. kelangan ko munang linisin yung utang ko sa credit card bago ako bumili. *sigh*

Dude said...

good call on the wifi!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Ted! I really doubt that you're a "techie virgin", but I figure I might as well offer you some unsolicited advice in honor of your new laptop. Hope you don't mind... :) :)

1. Get an anti-virus software installed ASAP. You never know what you get via email or even via websites, and there's always some new virus being released.

2. Get a firewall installed or enable the firewall that's built into the operating system (if you're using XP). -- so people don't sneak onto your machine uninvited when you're in an Internet cafe, or when you're using a wireless network.

3. Keep your personal data in a different drive from your programs. That way, it's easier to backup your personal data in one go.

4. Get into the habit of backing up files that are important to you... writing to a CD is usually the best way to go. It's so painful to lose the data when your machine crashes.

5. Get a security cable and use it. It's worth the P400 to P700 pesos it costs to keep your notebook secure when you have to leave it unattended.

6. Never leave the laptop or laptop bag in plain sight inside a car. Keep it in the trunk, or slide it under a car seat. A friend of mine lost his laptop -- the thief just broke the car window to get it.

That's all from me! I love the smell of new technology, so inggit ako sa 'yo ngayon. hahahah!

~ CF

Jax said...

wow. inggit. congrats!


Anonymous said...

Btw... My First Romance is listed in IMDB with you in the writing credits: See

beatlebum said...

hi peeps! :) miaka, di ko memorized specs. hehe :) just downloaded it from the net and told the shop ito ang specs na gusto ko.

dude, honga, sana maging accessible na ang WIFI sa lahat ng bahagi ng Pilipinas in the near near future.

CF, yep, I know about that IMDB listing. thanks anyway. re: your suggestions, thanks too although I have no idea what they mean. :)

2. I have no idea what a firewall is about. I'm using XP. I'd like to think the shop already "enabled" the firewall. I don't know how to find out.
3. Okay, I'll put that in mind.
4. Same as 3
5. Where can I buy a security cable?
6. I dont have a car so N/A. :D

jax, can I link you?! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi beatlebum.... eto po:

FirewallAccording to the Windows Help: "A firewall helps to keep your computer more secure. It restricts information that comes to your computer from other computers, giving you more control over the data on your computer and providing a line of defense against people or programs (including viruses and worms) that try to connect to your computer without invitation."

A firewall is built into Windows XP. To see if you have your firewall enabled:
- Click Start --> Control Panel
- in the window that appears, double-click Windows Firewall
- in the window that appears, set the firewall to "On".

Security CableThis is available in Columbia Superstore sa Megamall. I don't know if they always have it in stock, though.

Hope that helps!!! :)

~ CF

beatlebum said...

CF, i did just that. there's no WINDOWS FIREWALL icon when i went to the control panel. thanks anyways. :)

Anonymous said...

Ay! Really?! Hmm... That's strange. I actually double-checked those instructions by following them on my own PC before I posted my previous comment. Maybe my setup is different because I already have Win XP Service Pack 2 installed. Hmm...

Anyway, I think you can still find the info you need in Help.

1. Click Start --> then click Help and Support

2. In the new window that appears, look for the Search box at the top of the page.

3. Type "firewall" in the search box, then hit Enter. The Search will come back with all the help pages that are related to the firewall.

4. Click on the most relevant page title in the search results (preferably something about enabling and disabling the firewall).

Hope that's more useful to you...

~ CF

beatlebum said...

CF, figured it out na. Firewall is enabled already. Thanks! :D