November 23, 2004

Amazing Predictions

I will be daring this time and make my predictions as to who's going to win the 6th installment of The Amazing Race based on the First Episode editing alone. To have a semblance of criteria, I based my picks on how a team is focused in the edit and storytelling. This means, did the editors invest in their characters for us to root for them in the long run? I also took note of how the past winners were edited and searched for the same winning elements on all the teams from their first episode edit. Of course, there's always that subjective gut feel - a special gift for reality TV geeks like me. Heh!

I predict the following will win TAR 6.

The professional wrestlers have the winning edit. They were the only teams (aside from the first finishers) to be given a post race confessional. They have the classic "we learn from our mistakes" story arch. These two factors are very similar as to how last season's winner's Chip and Kim were edited in the first episode. By the end of the first episode, we know that even if they yell at each other, they love each other. We also know that actors Aaron and Hayden view them as threats while they view obvious villains Jonathan and Victoria as threats. Bolo's "We have to beat the blue-haired guy!" quote in reference to annoying Jonathan might be one of the majors plots for the season. Plus any female racer who admits her "implants are frozen" is definitely high on my list and surgically enhanced Lori said just that!

They're annoying and they're obviously this season’s villains, which means... they're going to last till the end. From the get go, everybody's teaming up against them which could lead to the team being potential underdogs (yes!) in the future plots. You know how these reality shows love the classic turnaround storyline! Whether they continue to be annoying or not, it doesn't matter. The fact that Jonathan is obviously a camera whore means he's going to do everything to win this competition. Plus, almost every racer who yells "yeaah baaaby!" (Uh, Colin?) always makes it to the end.

Out of all the lovey-dovey couples this season, they're the ones whom the editors invested the most in showing their dynamics. We know they have a May-September affair. We know Kendra is not yet ready for a commitment. We know Freddy finds Kendra a tad childish most of the times. And we want to know if these differences will lead them to say "adieu" or "I do" by the end of the season. This is a classic TAR storyline that has been used in presenting Top 3 finishers of seasons past.


Miaka said...

Is it just me or are the racers extra-annoying this season? The way they were acting in the first episode makes me think as if they were already midway through the race. And it's not just editing.

beatlebum said...

sabihin na lang natin na there's a dearth of "real" peeps auditioning for reality shows. you look at all these reality shows and you see most of the contestants are model or actor wannabes or who just wants to be famous. :D

Anonymous said...


Which leads me to another speculation: that some of the current crop of racers (or perhaps even previous pairs) are grandstanding, purposely playing the role of villain just to get a chunk of the airtime. Hey, if playing the bitch and the arsehole will get me more minutes on national television, then by all means, bring on the cavalry!

Really now, can anyone be as annoying and swell-headed as that Jonathan character? And is someone as dumb and naive as his wife? It's a ROLE they're playing to perfection so far. Remember, it's television, folks. No matter what reality-slash-whatever they classify it under, it's still television.

- Paul