November 21, 2004

Suggest, Please!

Five days after I bought my notebook and frustrations are coming in. I mean, I do love my notebook and I appreciate the perks of having my own PC. For one, I won't have to go to the office or rent in computer shops for me to be able to write whatever's required for work. I come from a 3rd world hometown and believe me, owning a notebook is luxury. However, the Internet connection is a different matter. Dial-up is painstakingly slooow! What more, I'm ending up spending more than what I usually spend in cyber cafes. Our boarding house only has PLDT Teletipid phone so aside from paying for my PLDT Vibe card, I also pay for the prepaid phone card. The value of a P300 card only lasts for more than 3 hours. Argh!

Right now, I'm thinking of options to alleviate my "geeky" problem and I need your help fellow geeks!:) If you were I, what should I do? You have to realize that my job is unstable - meaning, this month I could be rich, the next day I could be penniless. (If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know what I mean.). Also, I just live in a temporary abode and while I have no plans of transferring to another house (or to another Philippine island, heh!) in the near future, I think this factor should still be considered. HELPPP! :)

Can I just say I really hate myself when I'm being trivial with my concerns like what I'm currently whining about? There's poverty around you Teddy, ugh! Okay, this is O.T. :)

ETA: I just realized the cheapest solution to this petty problem is just to have a regular phone line connected to the boarding house. Nuff said. :)


Anonymous said...

Silly question lang po: What does ETA mean? Akala ko kasi it's "estimated time of arrival", pero parang mali. hahaha!

~ CF

Miaka said...

Nag-post ako ng suggestions dito pero di ata na-save... Ulitin ko na lang.

1. Organize your tasks in such a way that you get to finish all offline items before you go online. This way, you won't waste your internet time on items that you can do without being connected to the internet.
2. Some computer shops allow you to connect with them using your own laptop. You pay less than the usual rental fee.
3. Some internet shops also lease extra phone lines. You can use your own internet card.
4. Stay in the coffee shops and connect through wifi.
5. Go to the condo unit of Cyberprince. He lives closer than I do. ^_^

beatlebum said...

ETA means Edited To Add. Hehehe :D

Miaka thanks for the advise. Pero malabo yung kay cyberprince. We're not as close as you two. Hehe :D