November 28, 2004

The Journey Goes On

It's almost sunrise and Pink Tianak and I are still inside a cyber café near the campus. We just came from our good friend Emman's birthday party. I'm still ever busy with work but Emman's birthday celebrations have been a yearly tradition for me so I have to sneak it in my daily schedule. I enjoy attending his parties because aside from the fact that I get to see all these artsy fartsy indie filmmaking peeps, there's also great food and the presence of pop videoke machine (a staple every year). As always, Yam and I lorded over the videoke this time happily chirping known jologs songs like "Sunod sa Galaw" by Jaboom Twins and "Simpleng Tao" by Gloc 9 in front of all the artsy fartsy peeps mind you. Hehe. :) (We did the same thing in another birthday party last year).

Truly, I had fun but I don't know why I'm nervous while I'm typing this entry. I feel like I would be punished soon because I had fun today. Haha. :) I'm anticipating a major revision in the script Michiko and I just submitted for Reload. I actually am also nervous because Michiko and I were house-hunting earlier in the day and we found a really good place that's actually affordable, thus, too good to disgregard the find. I know with my present job I can easily pay the monthly dues but I'm worried what will happen after February. SCQ Reload will end in February as you can see to give way to a new program for the new batch of questors. (Don't fret Batch 1 fans though, coz your idols will be distributed in different network programs.) This is one of the bigger risks that I'm going to take this year so good Lord help me please. :) (Ugh, I feel guilty now. I haven't been attending mass lately.)

There are still other exciting developments in my life. (I'm laughing right now over the non-irony of my pronouncement). Two to be exact but I don't want to preempt them coz nothing is sure yet. Rest assured I will blog about them once they become certain.


Anonymous said...

Oh c'mon, spill the beans already! Okay fine, just hints then. Is it a new gadget (iba na ang rich eh, nagsho-shopping na lang tayo ng bahay sa Ayala Alabang at Forbes Park ngayon ah)? A new project (sikat na sikat na si Teddie boy)? Or perhaps....a new prospect? :)

- Paul

beatlebum said...

hoy paul wag kang ganyan! hindi ako graduate ng zobel at ateneo gaya mo! :D kaya mali ang mga iniisip mo. :D